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Tork Timers

Tork timers offer you the choice of setting the day, the hour and the minutes you prefer. These timers or time clocks are made by a company called Tork and they may be utilized to turn off or turn on a wide range of switches. For instance they have several heater time clocks which run the heat within a room or building for a set time period and also they may be used for fans or on lights and other uses.

These timers are usually designed for residential or commercial use for swimming pools, lighting, motors, controls, pumps or any other equipment or area one would require a certain device to be off regularly so as to save energy.

Installation of Tork timers must be done by an electrician who is licensed since they need one to have a broad understanding of wiring so as to avoid electrical shocks. Some of the Tork timers models available for the Tork 1000 series as well as Tork 7000 series include:

• 1101
• 1102
• 1103
• 1104
• 1191
• 1962
• 7100
• 7200
• 7202
• 7300L
• 7320L

among others.

Because Tork timers are available in various models, the actual process for setting time usually depends on the type of Tork timer model one is working with.

How to use Tork timers
1. Read the dial present on the front part of the device then find the time amount you need the device to operate. On the device, there are 96 diverse "tabs" that one can turn on in order to switch the Tork timer off or on. Pulling out a single tab will turn on the device for a period of 15 minutes while leaving the tab next to the first one pushed in will normally turn the device off. By alternative the tabs in this style, this will make the Tork timer to be turned on and also off at an interval of 15 minutes.
2. Slide into the central part of the Tork timer the "selector" switch so as to turn on automatically the schedule programmed by the tabs. This will run automatically your programmed schedule on one occasion.
3. Place the selector switch in position "1" on the switch so as to permanently turn on the programmed schedule. By doing this, it will imply that the device will continue to cycle through the programmed schedule. When you turn the switch to position "o" it will turn your Tork timer off completely and this means that there will be no programmed schedule that will run.
4. Also, you can set the time by making the dial to rotate in the middle of the device. Try to rotate it in a clockwise direction and make the dial arrow to point towards the timed interval that is present on the front part of the dial. During this interval, the device will stay on and once the dial runs out of time, the device will turn off.

How to set Tork timer SS720 Models
Press then hold the "Clock" key or button.To set your preferred day, hour and also minutes, press the buttons indicated "Day," "Hour" as well as "Min" while you continue to hold the "Clock" button.When you have set your preferred time, release the "Clock".

Therefore, depending on your programmed schedule, you can be able to turn off any equipment you have at your preferred time by using Tork timers. The best deals on Tork timers can usually be found online.